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As stated above, the key to understand a trend is to identify the trend. When the market is in a bullish state, the traders and investors will have an appetite for making more money and go long. To do all this, the traders use a number of strategies. One of the most famous is to analyze a chart using Elliott Waves. Impulse wave is structured by five subwaves in the direction of a stronger trend.

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Your quantitative approach to objectively interpret the Elliott Wave Principle remains your OEW legacy. Over the weekend I asked members from the group if anyone wanted to say something publicly on the blog. A year ago today I lost my father and my best friend, everyone here lost their mentor and a friend. Dad and I spent the last 7 years of his life living together. Our households merged on a very snowy day in Feb those years back.

Following that presentation, on May 20, Mr. Neely shared additional insight. Here is the link to this free webinar and Mr. Neely’s additional forecasting observations. Under Wave theory, markets experience periods of predictability and unpredictability. The closer a market is to the end of a major pattern, the easier it is to predict. If you’ve ever reached out to us for support, you’ve probably discovered how enthusiastic and knowledgable our support staff are. That’s because everyone on our support staff is actually a trader themselves.

You can read more details about this pattern in the first part of this article. In this 3-minute video on NEoWave’s Forecasting service, you’ll see several example Elliott Wave theory forecasting charts, personally created by Glenn Neely. For the first time ever, you can learn advanced Wave analysis in a semi-private training led by NEoWave founder Glenn Neely. This 3-month, live-training Wave analysis course takes you beyond orthodox Elliott Wave forecasting and analysis, providing a step-by-step logical foundation for better Wave forecasting and trading. In this 26-minute discussion with Glenn Neely, you’ll view multiple NEoWave forecasting charts and hear enlightening explanations about current and historic market conditions.

NEoWave’s Glenn Neely remains a Top S&P Timer

Market movements can be correlated to psychological factors, however, there is not a direct link between the two. Just because movements can be indicative of future security prices does not mean that traders should believe they can predict these prices to a science. Traders using this theory should always remain up-to-date in the current market and world news, as well as developments within the security that they are following. Last Monday started with a sharp rally on positive trade news. After closing at 3169 the previous week, SPX jumped to 3198 and then spent the rest of Monday through Wednesday churning between 3191 and 3198 amid pre-impeachment uncertainty. Thursday saw the market move out of the consolidation range to the upside in a breakout move that carried to 3226 on Friday.

Get regular live market updates on our Facebook page, Twitter handle, Telegram Channel and Youtube Channel with detailed explanation on real time chart. Every chart we post has something to learn about Elliott Wave Theory. Tony was both, knowledgeable about the Saeculum and had his own method of analyzing the stock market, which he coined Objective Elliott Wave .

Plus, you’ll find out exactly what to expect from the market in the next 5 to 10 years. It sort of feels the same as just before the Russia/Ukraine war. And then when it happened https://forexarena.net/ on February 24th, the market plunged, closed much higher, and went on to rally in Minor wave 2 of . Right now, the projected rate hike definitely leans toward 3/4 point.

In his analysis, Elliott analysed stock prices of more than 70 years and discovered that the market moved as a result of psychology. As an accountant, Elliott believed he had a role to play in the financial market but he did not discover it after retiring at age 58. Corrective patterns are labeled with letters, and move against the larger trend. The shlomi yoshai fact that extension typically occurs in only one actionary subwave provides a useful guide to the expected lengths of upcoming waves. For instance, if the first and third waves are about equal length, the fifth wave will likely be a protracted surge. Conversely, if wave three extends, the fifth should be simply constructed and resemble wave one.


A Saeculum is a long-term cycle that has existed throughout history. It lasts on average about years and consists of four phases or turnings, each one about years. Notice these secular cycles have averaged about 17 years each going back to a Grand Super Cycle top in 1929.

The financial system survived in the time of Volker because it was not yet leveraged like it is now. The primary count is that Minute of Minor wave 3 of Intermediate wave down has reached its price low in today’s SPX low of about 3903. So, despite the gap and go open, real conviction in buying stocks is not yet super evident.

Mess-O-Waves – Market Analysis for Aug 31st, 2022

All bull and bear market cycles within these secular periods have been fully quantified by objective analytic methods, with no exceptions. For simplicity of presentation, the chart summarizes bull and bear cycles down to Primary scale only. With a broad understanding of the rules of this theory, even beginner traders can start applying the theory to inform their strategies. Typically, traders will try to identify the end of a corrective wave, which represents a low point in price where a position can be opened ahead of the swing of the impulse wave.

So, he must start rising in power and global status very soon according to my timeline. A “win” over Russia, any kind of win, a military or diplomatic win will greatly enhance his stature in the world. People laugh at him now – just like imitating David and Goliath and he is certainly the underdog. It is the proposed date of the Second Horse of the Apocalypse in which the second seal is opened of the Book of Wrath in Heaven and here on earth peace is taken away by Satan who rules the mortal world. With the market being unable to exceed the 4080 resistance on the S&P 500, even in the overnight session , we are now getting what I think is the 5th wave down in the c-wave of wave iv.

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While they may be persuaded about the utility of an innovation, there must be strong pressure from peers to adopt . Innovators are the first customers to try a new product. They are, penny stock trading app by nature, risk takers and are excited by the possibilities created by new ideas and new ways of doing things. Innovators are the first 2.5 percent of a group to adopt a new idea.

It reveals that mass psychology swings from pessimism to optimism and back in a natural sequence, creating specific and measurable patterns. They are the driving force of the final wave C of 5 that completes the whole rally. Early adopters tend to be integrated into the local social system more than innovators. People in the early adopter category seem to have the greatest degree of opinion leadership in most social systems. They provide advice and information sought by other adopters about a novelty.

According to Ralph Elliot, the price of an asset should not retrace completely the first wave. The first one is about where the first wave starts, as shown above. difference between data and information Ideally, when drawing the initial wave, it should start at a significant lower level. Typically, it starts after the financial asset reaches a key lower point.

Nothing on these blog pages is intended as trading or investment advice. This site is for educational purposes only and provides information on the nature of Elliott Wave patterns that may occur in the market, as well as in history. Further, the information on these pages is not intended to recommend the purchase or sale or any securities, contracts or financial instrument of any kind.

I highly recommend that all readers to this blog, get saved to Jesus because happy days are over. Social mood theory has been warning for some 22 years that mood is rolling over at very high-level wave degrees of which Grand Supercycle sized of over 240 years. The DJIA has major overlap ruling out an impulse wave to the upside. Europe is getting hammered with skyrocketing energy bills and businesses will be forced to close . The decline so far since has been sharper than the rise to . Remember, the objective of Minor 1 of is to advance prices lower than .

The lowest volume week since the February 2020 top and I realize it was a holiday shortened 4-day trading week, but there have been other 4-day trading weeks in that time. With the market breaking the immediate downside set up with the overnight action, and then coming back down hard again, the overnight action has been wreaking havoc on the chart. And, today, the market walked up to the resistance and then turned down. And, as I write this, we have another potential structure in place to the downside. I have been going through the structure some more, and, as I warned for the last several days, a break out seen before we hit the 4095 target would make this region much more complex. And, that is where we now stand.Normally, when a 4th wave ends, we get an initial 5-wave move off the low to confirm that the 4th wave has completed.

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